'Larger Picture'

I have derived enormous hope and inspiration by  going to Divyaa’s classes on Tuesdays. I would highly recommend my visitors here to not miss hearing her. She conducts various workshops,meditation sessions and tarot classes.If you need to get in touch,you can visit her website or call her on 9821180556 for appointments.Copy pasting one of her emails here about a workshop.

Dearest all,

Tuesdays is somehow taking a new direction …  moving away
from the lovely ‘steps’… to where they took us and its further exploration
…! And ofcourse from this vantage point its not that we ‘move beyond’  these
steps but more that we see the steps more clearly … and somewhat lightly….
for what they are… steps… and in this we don’t  discount them but view them
with thankfulness in our hearts and a healthy appreciation for each and every
bit of understanding and commiserate experience it got our way … and thus
remain open to looking at them from this vantage point…. to unraveling  more
of their secrets or parts we missed along the way…. yet knowing
our focus in now onwards to ‘more

And in order to give
the newcomers  these ‘basics’ …. neigh… this foundation
indeed… so that they can enjoy Tuesdays(or whatever paths and tools
each one chooses)  more wholly… and optimize its eureka’s ….
I will
redo my  foundation ‘Larger Picture’ discourses… call it beliefs
…or  manifestation or Claiming your Creatorhood…. periodically….in two
parts, the first focussed on ‘beleifs’ and the second on subjects like karma,
free will destiny, desire, soul purposes , etc…open to what direction it takes
…for this has endless scope…
I will thus hold this sometime in late
February or early march …. 10.30 to 4.30 ish… shikhar kunj 29 Carmichael
road. .. energy exchange 750 without lunch … (which we can each bring our
own… has to be vegetarian in this building!)  I will need a minimum of 15/20
people to make it viable and have a the right group dyamamics… so start
sending me your name  if you are interested…or inform freinds whom you may
know to be interested…

Love from my heart to yours
Divyaa Kummar

”The fact of the not knowing was known not
to ignorance but to knowledge”…..Mukundraj