Lets go on a Vacation - Poverty Tourism

Lets go on a Vacation - Poverty Tourism

She asked where should we go on vacation?

She says – Check how many countries I have marked RED. There is no place I can think off for a vacation. I have been globe trotting since I was a teenager.

I said, how about some poverty tourism then? Don’t you want to experience how the poor live?
I argued – Poverty Tourism is better than all other kinds of tourism. I mean how much good food can you eat? How much luxury a Sybarite like you can indulge in?

I further argued for poverty tourism – You have never seen the drama of death when you travel to these exotic place. The poor are dying everyday. The story about death’s make the ultimate story. When life is hanging on a thin thread. We can watch it and applaud, cry , laugh.

We can disguise our selves as poor and go hungry to see how it feels not to eat. We can throw our credit card and cash in the sea and then see how it feels to be poor. We can see how it feels to not have money, when we are too sick and need to go to a doctor?

My arguments fell on her deaf ears. She said, Go ahead, do that. I will wait for you to come back, if you ever come back.