Let's go on an adventure.

Let's go on an adventure.


She complained that he is always tweeting, he said don’t call it tweeting, it’s what i do to make a living! She said “oh really? ” “all you want is female attention on twitter” he groaned ” shut up”

They had only one place where they could give each other, only if they could ever forget who they were professionally. They personified their work in their relationship and it was damaging all the fun they were meant to have.

There was no time for adventure, the only adventure was driving to work and coming home, or trying a new cuisine in a new restaurant in the ‘hood. They wondered aloud, what could be an adventure for such a ageing couple like them? They were both workaholics trying to ensure they have a good bank account to retire in a few years.

Don’t they deserve a adventure? When they were young, falling in love and trying to find some time to spend alone would be an adventure. Now they were no more insecure about being together.They said let’s go off to a place where people need us, we can be of use to others, without even thinking about our own insecurities.She had a acquaintance who had been to Rwanda on a humanitarian mission. She said would he be interested? He was now excited! yES, YeS! yeS!

Next they were on a plane to Rwanda where millions of people were killed in the ethnic genocide. People had been hacked, flayed, burnt to death. They were determined to see what made these Rwandians hold up on the face of such tragedy.

Spending a few weeks there, they had felt the Rwandians had understood the meaning of life so deeply. The only way they survived is by seeing the beauty around cause the very act of perceiving things as beautiful created beauty which sustained them, there was no other way.

It was a adventure which would last them a life time.