Lockdown is a great time for some inner work

Men usually don’t get time to ponder over inner feelings. We are busy trying to figure out the power structures of the world. But with covid19 taking everyone by surprise, we are all suddenly one, because covid19 doesn’t discriminate. 

All social signalling has come to grinding halt like our beleaguered economy. People are now greedy for essentials only. No more iPhones and other luxury goods. Of course, there are going to be exceptions. 

Disasters are also opportunities to get a foot in the door of the new economic system. But Humanity I presume as learnt a hard lesson. What use will all that accumulated wealth be, if our children cannot play in open spaces? What good, will any power be, if the young cannot meet at a social place? 

Yes, sometimes, I feel I have lived my life. Old as I feel, there are some things which are deeply rooted in our childhood. The excess energy saved due to not wanting anything other than the basic essentials gives room to explore this past. 

How long and deep will this lockdown be we do not know? Some experts say that it could be 4 years until vaccination happens. We will various stages of lockdown, like in China, they are putting a colour code on people. If you live near or have visited a zone which was having or later developed a covid19 case, your status is made RED. Yes, they track you by your cellular GPS. 

One of the most tragic after-effects of this coronavirus disaster is that we will be losing our privacy. But that is another story. Right now we need to find our true selves, our authentic self, who has probably been suppressed by our god-like parents. 

Photo by Martin Adams on Unsplash