Lolita and Dharma

I define dharma as that thing which you have to do no matter what the cost might be, if you have a western bent of mind, you might call it as “one’s duty” but that would be a black and white interpretation of this holistic Sanskrit word dharma. Iam not an expert theologian or a educated indolgist, so feel free to disagree on the same. But people call me Bapu and I have millions of followers.

She was 16, normally I never get attracted to anyone who is so young, I have a protective feeling almost fatherly or brotherly feelings towards even much older women who are 30/35. But she was different. Everytime I saw her, I feel she was trying to tease me or seduce me. I brushed aside such thoughts, what would such a young girl know about adult pleasures? But somehow or the other she was always on my mind. Slowly i realised she was becoming my most consistent thought, i longed to see her, I would make reasons to be with her.

She was relentless the more she avoided me, the more I felt aroused, this was a viscous cycle, as I knew this feeling was so wrong, no one would understand. But my thoughts made me committed to the actions which would land me in jail without a bail.

Dharma is not ethical, it knows no right or wrong, it is something which possesses you, you don’t choose it, it chooses you. You are just a player, the cards are already dealt.