I love you baby but face it, she's Madonna aka Long Distance Relationship

I love you baby but face it, she's Madonna aka Long Distance Relationship

Everyone surely has one going for them; we cannot survive without an imaginary, fantastical long distance love affair. Can we?

The long nights spent on the telephone, the sexy voice which touches your soul, the lies we made up were the lies we told ourselves to survive our boredom and our hopeless situations.

We never had enough of each other; our love was insatiable and larger than any real life relationships around us. We wanted to come home to think about us.

Our real partners thought we were delusional, and they had the occasional outburst of insecurity, but then they knew what we were going through, as they were also in love with some Salman Khan of their dreams. Besides, long distance relationship are platonic, and our partners feel a particular kind of sadistic pleasure out of seeing us long for something which is not ours.

Baby, isn’t this how marriages survive the monogamy? A long distance loves affair during the middle age crisis. Security kills our wild spirit and needs for exploration & adventure, doesn’t it? This is certainly the best of both the worlds, isn’t it?

Her numerous photographs hidden in the secret folders in my phone would drive me crazy with longing; it would drive me to desperation. The wish to shorten the long distance to less than an arm’s length was the start of the break-up of the long distance relationship. In this passionate quest, all other relationships were going to be destroyed.

But better sense prevailed, the long distance relationship was kept at a distance so that the flame of romance would burn all life long.

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