Look...Monsoon Is Here !

The First Shower of Monsoon in MUMBAI !….

Scene 1.

Curtains open, windows give way…smiling heads and dancing hands pop out and welcome the monsoon. Children run out , clad in colourful raincoats . Boys showoff their football ettiques and Girls flaunt their fancy umbrellas ,eager to be noticed !

Some making plans for sizzling sizzlers ..yet others eating home made bhajiyas and pakoras!…the wind kissing their faces , the shores add music to their ears …

What an Evening …Look Monsoon is here!

Scene 2.

Traffic seems to gear up . The foothpath is helter skelter … boys on the signal , are desperate to save piles of books which are drenched in the rain. A mother, earnestly trying to shelter the baby in her arms with the pallu of her sarree. Though futile, afterall ! The homes are wet ,as the roofs are cracking.The poor old couple is shivering on the roads waiting for the cloud to pass. Girls trying to hide their skin as the visitors in the crowd stare away ! The dripping of rain and the dripping of tears hold no difference for some!

Food , hopefully they would manage.If only their burners and stoves burn… fighting the wind and resisting the volatile rains!

What an evening …Look Monsoon is here!

Copyright Sunshine (Sunshine is a guest author)