Hello ppl!
Feels gr8 to be a part of this blog , I feel HONOURED ..thanx to MANOJ to have given me some room here :).
This being my first post , I ‘d like to dedicate it to this BLOG :
I feel drawn to LOVE(from the title) here…What a feeling!  Do I DARE to describe how I feel?..I ll make an attempt ,pardon my flaws:

“The voice across the phone, makes me quiver…
Pounding is my heart so loud and clear ..
The depth of his breaths ..pull me to him,
Longing for his Touch ..almost killing !
Life has never been this Beautiful, I believe..
He gives it depth, he gives meaning.
Sometimes I wonder, what I’d do without him ?
Wrapping me in his arms , he goes…
“I LOVE U, Sweetheart”…and the MAGIC flows.
GOD..I pray , please let him STAY ,
Take my LIFE , but never, ever Take him  AWAY !…
For, thru him I FEEL CLOSER TO U..
As he takes me to HEAVEN ..Which is home to U!”