Love, fondness, Infatuation and exploitation - The 4 types of relationship

Now there are 4 types of relationship as per me, they are Love,
fondness, Infatuation and exploitation.

Love: is the strongest and most potent. It gives rise to insane
passion & energy which can be sustained only for a short time. But
everyone has a different definition about the same, and love is never
permanent. If you have been in love with same man or woman
for 25 years, it would in all probability be

Fondness: (also called apnapan in Hindi) Fondness is real intimate
thing, 2 people connect like long lost brothers. The best marriages
can happen here, but most of the time, some people say, but I am not
in love with him/her to marry the person, and then passion dies
somewhere in between. Infatuation: Is basically you loving the image of the person you have
created because it suits your image of the person you would rather be
in love with or get married to, like tall?dark/handsome & rich. It can
be image of your mother/sister/daughter
/son which confirms with ideal image of that person.You will bet on
your last penny to save this image. Without this image, you don’t have
a relationship.

Exploitation: Is then the effort or manipulation you do, you try
literally by hook or by crook to keep the image of the person you have
created in your head so she/he conforms to your whims and fancies,
which you preposterously believe is doing the other person more good
and you are helping that person. This is where you have become
delusional and should start rethinking about your relationships. That was me on various types of relationships.