Maid maintanence

Hey guys, maintaining is a maid is one of the toughest problems you can face,the amount of oil i saw was about to be used in my upma, did give me an instant stroke, after numerous warning, there seems to be no hope, the amount of oil, the maid needs to use is constant,one reason i was given was “a man needs it”, i interpret it as i got 10 other houses to manage, u better eat what i dish out for eg, the amount of rava(semolina) she took was equal to the oil there was in the pan, i mean i would get healthier food if i eat out,wouldnt I??
To reduce my dependence i have learnt a bit of cooking,but its practically impossible to do it daily, but somehow custom made food is appealing.You might think im paranoid, but though my cholesterols levels are normal,my triglycerides are on the higher side.