Make coffee the painful way.

I learnt to make coffee the painful way courtsey my girlfriend .Ironically it’s called a expresso. Some like to endure pain (physical or mental) , some like to be a pain . Here I started listening to the audio book ‘tipping point’ by malcom galdwel lovely book. It us a must read for any marketer of anyone in advertising. Since I’m on a ‘off consumption experiment’ and avoid getting CCD coffee which costs around 55 bucks . I decided to take some pain and make an espresso at home. Ok first you put double the amount of coffee( nescafe) and double the amount of sugar , add a little bit water and whip it with your spoon as long as you can, till it starts looking white and foaming, and for pain seekers , your arms will start paining as you whip and it’s quite painful. Boil milk mixed with water and then pour over this and enjoy your experssso . Cheers .