Making sense of our insatiable desires in the sin city of Mumbai

In this city of Mumbai, you can desire anything and can achieve
everything, it promises nothing less. Well that’s what
they(marketeers) want you to believe!

Wake up?

But on the contrary as millions of lives in this city tell a tale of
squalor and grime. This is not a city to achieve maximum but it’s only
tempts you to work harder and harder, till you sink into oblivion in
your ashes.This is the sin city of Mumbai of free markets and
multinationals and the powerful middle class (in terms of purchasing
power). Desires are intrinsic to us humans, if you are an old hag – you desire a
young woman/man, if you are a middle class you want to acquire status
symbols, if you are rich – you want comforts and security. The shiny
malls and billboards tempt you with their latest mobile phones and
iPads. The ubercool night life of the upper middle class yuppie in
this city makes the people of slums aspire for the same by robbing and
pilfering goods so they can enjoy prostitutes and alcohol.

The question is how do you avoid those shiny beautiful objects? Can
you be a minimalistic as the trend is? Can you fake it at least? Do
you really know what is the anatomy of a desire? Don’t these vey shiny objects make you lose your very focus from what
you want to achieve in your life? Do you really desire what you want
to achieve in life or is it all just aspirational bull crap? Presuming
all you want to achieve is stupid aspirational bullcrap compared to
these beautiful objects of desire, let’s focus on the shiny beautiful
objects! Ok?

These shiny objects promises to fill in the very empty space inside
us, or does it create more emptiness? This is an attempt to understand
desire by turning inwards, when we can no longer turn inwards for
solace we need some external manifestation in the shape of a shiny
beautiful object, am I right? Are you with me on this ? I’m personally tired of these desires, the more I desire, the lesser
the time I have on me. (unless I am reincarnated!) how do I get rid of
these desires (transcend or bypass) as I want all or nothing at all.

Please advise in the comment box below.