I am not comfortable talking about relatives, one of the reason Is that I have hardly any relatives left, i have shot most of them to extinction and the older ones have asked their children to keep away from me, since I may be a bad influence. (buhahahahaha) *evil laugh*

 So here I am going to talk about a character “Mami”. Any inspiration from real life may be purely coincidental. So read my essay below.
 Mami in Marathi means your maternal aunt (mothers brothers wife).
In this entire drama of relationships, I like the character of “Mami” the most. She is related to you but not so close as a cause for discomfort. She is the one who makes your “mama” look good. She is the affable character from all the hostile relations you have.

I think she is the only sane person who balances the insanities of the extended family. She is the one who lands the crazy plane carrying your family members safely. Ok, this is too much, I cannot carry on further, apologies! I feel like a kid writing a essay. (I am more comfortable with romance and soft porn.)

This was my piece of gratitude to this lovable character called “Mami” who everyone should/must have!!
(*I need to take essay writing class now*)