choices Sep 24, 2010

Anything of value is always given and received in silence says Meher baba. But you know Meher baba didn’t have a blog to keep up, anyways I am
not talking or making any noise, all i am doing is typing on my

Also people are not psychic to know, if there is something which is untold. I love dreams, and they really spice up my day. Here is one
uncensored.pls note this is not inspired by kites!

Here I was in Mexico, a mariachi with my guitar, and a song in my
heart, living with this beautiful Spanish beauty, a happily ever after
kind of life. So one fine day we decide to go for a ride, in her brothers brand new
car, and we were rolling and having fun going downhill.

But i take a U-turn, and want to go uphill for no apparent reason, and
she doesn’t want to go uphill, that’s not her plan. *Arguments* She gets down and says “Gracias” and leaves.


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