Meaning of the Title of my Blog MONEY=LOVE= ENERGY!

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 At the time i was conceiving my personal blog, and was looking for a title, I received this email from Divyaa Kummar  the subject immediately caught my attention and what a title to have.  I have copy pasted the same email for the benefit of the readers.

Many many thanks to Ma Divyaa for letting me use this as my Title 🙂

From: divyaakummar


Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 11:43 PM


Everytime we spend, we must think of, become aware of, focus on……… the enriching experience – whether it was a good meal, a dress, groceries or yr petrol bill….!

Allow your self to fill with the abundance that your ‘spending’ got you! Allow  ‘expenditure’ to become synonomous with with fulL-fillment….! Feel enriched not depleted!

Know  everything is energy in different forms… and thus money too is one form of pure energy!  Indeed it is that form ,which you as creator ‘created’ ,to enable ‘personal-self’ to tap into all the richness of human life! Thus Know money is only a vehicle towards enjoying Self in its material exploration…it is indeed this love of self and selfexploration that is its basis!

And energy always flows in circles…what you emanate or pour out …gathers force and comes back full circle…! So as you spend in this knowing ness …in fulfillment not depletion…in love not guilt… it brings you more of itself to then pour out …and so you can ‘spend’ more and thus receive more…infinitely…

Tithing is also this! where you share your bounty with love ! Tithing is not when you give to get some of it back!

Love from my heart to yours

Divyaa Kummar


Abundance is not something you create; it is something you tune into.