Meet my new room mate Ms Chipkali

Meet my new room mate Ms Chipkali

My friend is married and is having an affair with another married lady. So he has stored his name of his girl friend as Chipkali. I asked him, why Chipkali? She has just a beautiful name you could have at-least given her some respect by giving an affectionate name ? Being a stereotypical North India male I knew where this was coming from. Still I prodded him to consider a name change.

He said she is very chipku (like a chipkali (hindi for lizard). She won’t leave her husband and she won’t leave me. She is always on my back. She wants to know everything I do during the day. So I tease her that she is a chipkali jokingly.

I was seriously wondering why I have such sexist friends? Is this what a women gets for showering her love and attention, only to be chided for being sticky?

Maybe the stereotype macho north Indian men, like to express love to their girlfriend by calling them not so pleasant names.

Coming to the point – Meet my new room mate Ms Chipkali.

She is not a human, she actually a baby lizard. She always appears to be stunned when I spot her on my kitchen wall or kitchen platform. I know she is just cleaning stuff, eating away those nasty german cockroaches and in the process saving me of pest control expenses.

She came in to the house, after I had her sister thrown out. I got irritated with her sister, she would appear too stunned. Her sister was beautiful to look at but she is dark and not so pleasant.

I realise this is a symbiotic relationship. I need her as much as she needs to be in my house. My house is safe haven for her. She gets food and is protected from predator like cats. I don’t think I am going to commit the blunder of throwing her out.

My only wish is that we both become acclimatised with each other and not act so stunned whenever we meet each other first thing in the morning.