Merchant Consciousness

One of the problem with humankind is we treat each other as a means to an end. This behaviour can be termed as “Merchant Consciousness”. This is how rich see the poor, this is how the strong exploit the weak, this is how the the world turns, and it is called economic progress.

We try to associate with people who we can exploit, how we can leverage a connection for optimum gains, we even go the temple and bribe the god. I know, I am being judgemental, we all have bills to pay, education to look after, food to earn, we have to exploit and use all our cunningness to last in this rat race. There is no ethics for a person who hasn’t had a decent meal or bought good clothes.

But it makes me sad, very sad, to see this happen over and over again.

P.S Yes, Iam reading the bhagvat Gita by swami Kriyanand,so expect some half baked truths (as my interpretation) on this blog.