Missing people

There are few people who have gone missing,
I miss, missing people. I love, missing people.
Can I love someone without missing them?

I look for them everywhere
I look at a car and peek inside to find them missing,
I try to find them at places where they were last seen with me
The places never go missing, only people are missing,
Every thing looks hazy, but the missing is getting dense and awkward.

I have to find them ASAP. I cannot just make people go missing so conveniently.
I cannot be so evil, as to make so many people disappear!
I see myself in the mirror and I see the “good me” also “gone missing”. People are energies, and somehow my energies are making these people go missing.
So ultimately it seems that a part of me has made these people go
missing, and a another part of me is missing them.

These 2 opposite energies are tearing and ripping me apart, For what
purpose? for what higher goals? So I would like to believe
conveniently. So I can sleep in peace!