Moral code of conduct for the social media and blogsphere writer.

Now calling myself a writer would be a unfair to other writers  But I do moderate a 3 large forums with about 8000 fans together. Also I need to amuse my fans and get the discussion going around to keep more fans from joining in social media.

My style is a bit over the edge, every time I post a update, i think my next update should be bolder and more towards the truth than the previous one. The only problem being truth itself is ambiguous by nature, in the sense that there is no my or your truth. How influential and adept are you at putting across your message is what matters. Also what can make a person “Like” your post, might make the other person cringe and purge and probably unfriend and block you.

First of all, if writers are moral and judgemental it would become propaganda or advertising. Writers, i believe write what they feel like writing. Sometimes the words dont come out right, some times they do. Its a hit and miss thing. People on the other hand want to read what they are comfortable with. The writer can either play to the readers or say “bollocks you cunt, i really dont care a fuck.”

I generally go from sober to sleazy to appeal to a broader audience. I stay shy from appeasing popular and mediocre conformist on the forum.  Somehow the mediocre though a big sizeable chuck doesn’t appeal to me. They might appeal to someone who is trying to write a best seller.

On a different note: If you see the top commercial authors in India they are either from MBA school or ex-bankers. Are they businessmen disguised as writers? ex. Rashmi Bansal, Amish Tripati, Ashwin Sanghvi etc etc. 

Anyway, my nightmare as a social media writer is going too sleazy in front of others. It makes me wonder if my mind is very sleazy or its just that somethings are best said beyond closed doors in to someones ears?