Moving houses!

I have stayed in this house since 2001, a lot of changes have taken place , i beleive good, but people tell me this house has been unlucky for me , they say the vastu is screwed up, it is dakshin mukhi , they hopefully conjure that I would do much better when I move out to a new house. 

But I know the pain which goes in to making a house a home, and its never complete and now for some strange reason, i have to start all over from scratch, i feel like I am a engineering student, trying to get a hostel room. 

Its pretty weird, I am resisting leaving the warm bed of mine and moving to a place without curtains or a gas. Maybe this time, i wont take so much time to settle in and make a home out of a house. They spiritual guru’s say, you should feel home at any place, maybe i will try to be a vagabond, find a home where I have to be, where I might end up. 

This blog is another home of mine, i try to fill it up with little thoughts and some ephiphanies from time to time. It desperately needs a new look and more guests and good times? 

If you have moved houses, do drop in some hints on how to adjust and be happy in the shortest possible time.