Mushroom in white sauce

I like simple food, what i mean is i like all the flavors and ingredients to balance itself, not a single taste should be overpowering, I want spinach to taste like spinach, i prefer the veggies slightly undercooked,and very less oil/butter.

Here a simple recipe, inspired by karen Anand somewhat.


Shredded boiled or microwaved chicken
Black Pepper powder
Chopped Garlic

Cut your mushroom, however you like, dont forget to wipe and clean the mushrooms.Take some butter in the pan,saute chopped garlic till brown,add mushrooms and saute,till all the water evaporates,add spinach and shredded chicken.Take some milk and add into the pan till it boils, sprinle some black pepper generously,add some cheese, saute till it becomes think, add some white flour(maida) if it very liquid.Season with salt.
Put in on a toast and enjoy. call it white sauce or cheesy sauce,mix and match the ingredients as you like it.