My Bodyguard

I am not telling you the story of some Whitney Houston movie. This is my story. At the peak of my ego trip, someone suggested that I need to hire a bodyguard. Completely over estimating my importance in the world affairs I thought it was a good idea. I was given a guy who had worked for 15 years in the Military. He came in recommended and so there was no reason not to trust him.

I always wanted a brother to work along side. Even though he was hefty 6 footer compared to thin me. I took him under my wings. He was always with me, he travelled with me and we ate together.

I loved our camaraderie. I felt a big support system, I got addicted to his presence. I was the brain he was the brawn. I got him a house and gave him a car too. It was a dream come true for him. He got his wife and kids moved in to the house.

Things started going bad.

Now with his new found status, he started boasting about his new luck to his friends and family. He had become ambitious, he was privy to information and part of the company management. He conspired to wrestle power.

I had to take some divine help. He had to pack his bag overnight and scoot away with his family. I never saw him again.

What began as a journey of 2 brothers ended up in a power struggle and the end of companionship.