My childhood eating habits

I was a finicky child as far as eating habits could go. I didn’t eat any vegetables. I survived mostly on Dal Chawal. Dal chawal was my lunch and dinner for better part of growing up.

Breakfast was generally eggs and toast. Eggs in any form was ok. I didn’t like the taste of milk. I needed some Horlicks to gulp down the milk. I started drinking tea once I started living in college hostel.

Snacking I was a bit flexible. I remember eating lot of poha + milk + sugar. It was so easy to make, put in some sugar to the poha add some warm milk and ready to go.

Another snack which i had a lot was kurmura (puffed rice) + peanuts. This was a filling snack for me.

As for non veg foods

I was just a chicken and fish. In Fish I could only tolerate pomfret.

This was my diet till I was 10. After that I got exposed to new foods. Maggi came into my life in a big way. I ate tons of maggi. I hope they were safe then.

I did relish mutton though.

So what was your childhood food?