My dream job

No no, i haven’t landed a dream job! and no one is offering me one! This is about a Job I dreamt.

A dear friend, tells me again and again, ” You can have anything you want, you just have to make up your mind”.

So one day I manage to sleep, and allow myself to dream,
This same friend comes in my dreams and tells me, here is a letter for a job interview, go and check out. Though I have made up my mind that i am not suitable for any kind of job, but i cannot refuse since I respect my friend’s judgement and decide to check it out, besides she i presume knows many influential people.
As soon as I reach this place, I come to know, that the job recommendation is for the job of a school bus conductor. I see myself wearing a Khaki uniform, and kids in the bus creating chaos.

I wake up angry and agitated, on how could this trusted friend recommend me to a job of a school bus conductor, when she had said that I can have anything in the world I want. 
Is this why I have slogged in my factory for last 13 years in a god-forsaken place called Jalgaon? Is this why my father spent his hard earned money on my Engineering education?? No way am i going to take a job of a school bus conductor.

As soon as i vent away my anger, I begin to think rationally, and start considering the offer! May be I can be the richest school bus conductor in the world. May be  I will get a job with one of the rich schools, where the fat brats go! 
I will have a social media friendly school bus, which auto tweet’s and puts status messages on FB as soon as the child takes seat on the bus, so parents can know. I will have RFID chips in their lunch boxes, so I know, what each child is carrying in their lunch boxes, so I can have good home made food.

I will have sections of the bus converted in to art and music sections. Have dance lessons on salsa, flamenco on the bus for myself and for the children.
I will have a pool table and a boxing ring where any kids caught in a fight will be sent to settle their dispute. 

I am still idea-ting on this new Job, but just want to mention a warning, I hate cricket, so any kid discussing about cricket or IPL will be thrown out of the running bus!
Job offers welcome. :0