My First Newsletter

My First Newsletter

So, This is my first newsletter and I have zero subscribers. Never mind. Much of what we do on social media is talk to our own damn self! 

This newsletter is about what music was my ear worm in the past week. What books I am currently devouring. What are some of the articles I would like to recommend. I am not a big GIF or Meme guy. But will work on that. 


You got to follow Yooti music newsletter, she curates some awesome sounds and guess what they aren’t the commercial ones which we ordinary mortals hear all the time. I have even made a playlist on youtube of the songs she has included in her newsletter. 

My hot song for this week is Despacito, except the English part sung by Justin Beiber, the song is extremely catchy and groovy. What really got going for this song, is this viral video and this one where is really started I think. There are many more viral videos, including this soulful Indian viral video

Enough of Music, lets move to BOOKS

As per my Goodreads profile I am currently simultaneously reading 37 books. Trust me, I read all, But yes i do simultaneously read about 4 books at a time. Rest of the books are in various stages of completion. The 4 books I am devouring this week is Why Loiter , which is amazing book written by 3 Indian girls. Ofcourse there is Alvin Tofller’s Third Wave which is a difficult read so my pace is a couple of pages a week. My night time reading is Last Mughal by William Darylmple. Darylmple is an amazing story teller, one of the best. Then to learn about the noveu rich I am reading The Wealth Wallah’s 

Some Links worth checking out on the Web?

This one is my personal story and every father who got seperated from their children very well articulated by David Brook’s for NY Times. In recent times I have started hating Ted talks kind of video, again if you read this article, you might just get what I mean. I live in Hipster Bandra, so we have more poeple eating salad meals than any where else in India. The wellness epidemic in Bandra has reached epic proportions and I long for simple meals, maybe this article will drill some sense in to those health freaks. 

So long, guys!

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