My first video on Iphone 3G

Iam simply amazed as what all this device can do, earlier before Iphone I used to change my handset every 4 months, I have tried all kinds handsets, but just wouldn’t be happy with the handset, I even got bored of Nokia communicator in a couple of months.

I have turned my Iphone 3G in a video camcorder with an application called Qik . Check out this video shot at a Shiva Temple in Powai. My car got punctured and landed up at this Shiva temple accidently which was next to the tire shop.

Another one of my fav. App is Runkeeper where I track my distance and speed while cycling. Check out my last cycling activity of over 18 kms on eastern express Highway

Another one is a voice recorder app called Voice Memos where I can take voice notes, check out a excerpt from Shantaram which I am currently reading. After Maximum city this is my second book on Mumbai city, plan to read Arack in the afternoon next, which is again based on Mumbai by a Powai based author.

That’s all for now, Happy valentine’s day to all single guys , hope Steve jobs design’s a woman for all of us soon J
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