My formula to develop compassion within

I am generally mean, I am bitter, I am angry and I am full of sarcasm
on my best days. When I see others around me having everything which I
don’t have, I think its fucking not fair that the lord up there,
thought he should deprive me of all the wonderful things. Also if he
intended me to strive for all those things which I don’t possess he
should have blessed me with some unique talents or genius. This makes me extremely bitter at my deepest core and I all let it out
in person if am fortunate enough to have some human company OR
otherwise twitter is my vent.

The only thing wrong with this frame of mind is that the only person
who gets hurt with this is the self. So I was thinking about a formula
where I don’t get jealous of people or envy them or ridicule them, but
instead have compassion for them. My formula is , If someone has lot of money or lot of love or lot of
happiness, just think of that person as an extension of yourself. Get
yourself to believe that the person is just a caretaker of your money,
love or happiness, till you finish the petty job which GOD has asked
you do.

So the logic is, you live in a feeling of abundance, just seeing other
people having a good time, since they are all part of you, you are
connected so intimately that their happiness, their abundance is
transmitted to you and you are enriched. Now with this frame of mind, i feel immense love for the likes of
Mukesh Ambani and other rich billionaires. I have compassion in my
heart for these people.

I don’t know, if you understand this post. Just a idea, I am trying to
live with, to become a nicer person. 🙂