My friday Meditation sessions with Divyaa

I always wondered what meditation is all about, As I used to go to  Divyaa‘s  Tuesday classes where she talks and makes one intellectually understand some esoteric concepts.After attending so many sessions i thought I was finally ready to go in for meditations and move beyond words. Finally, I received a email from  Divyaa “Come lets fly” about starting new batch for guided meditations. These words beckoned me as the first post on my blog, long before this email i had written the words “i want to fly again”. So in a sense I related to this email at a personal level and thought this meditation sessions which i have been planning are for me.

Till now I have attended 4 Fridays of guided meditations, and after every Fridays some thing very nice has happened, like just discovering after one particular Friday some insurance people are searching me to handover a maturity amount which I am blissfully unaware of , or connecting to a ex-girlfriend after 12 years and asking to be forgiven for being so insensitive, and finding a new love in life;-) and your major client giving you a 30% price hike after 7 years!!!YAY!!!! Yes these guided meditation are no “mumbo jumbo” as Divyaa puts it, but if one goes beyond intellect, it does make lot of sense, and for me the feelings are too obvious. It works wonders.Thank You Maa Divyaa.:-)( as i would say it)

Will write a new post describing the guided meditation sessions in detail.