My idea of a vacation.

I have never taken a vacation, at-least I cannot remember it for now. But I am seriously thinking about indulging in one long one. 

Here is why others go on a vacation – 

  1. De-stress
  2. bond with your wife/lover
  3. a family trip
  4. sightseeing
  5. Cause you need adventure.
  6. or just for the heck of uploading pictures on facebook and twitter and making others jealous.

Here is my idea of a ideal vacation place – 

I would like to goto a place where the society has different rules, where words have different meanings, (Like a chair is called a table, a girl is called a boy) where morals ( where marriages are punishable by law) and ethics ( where being successful is scorned at) of the place are contrary to what it is in my present society. I dont think there is a place like this, till then I have to keep my vacation plans on hold. 

Or perhaps my well travelled facebook friends can guide me to this place?