# My Microbiome is whacked out.

# My Microbiome is whacked out.

This is not a pleasant topic to write about, but shit happens. The stomach of mine has always been a mystery, but a few years back. I realised my GI (gastro-intestinal) tract is gone for a toss. It is something which happens when you you are always under stress, the body stops producing the acids needed to digest the food and you end up eating smaller and smaller meals. Also eating out (where you don’t know what ingredients are being used) is the last straw which broke my gut.

## Eating Small qualities

I eat extremely small quantities of meal. But I eat about 3 times a day, this is also a bit too much for my stomach to process. After doing lot of online research and reading books, I have found that there are many people out there like me. What do these people do?

# Fad diets

Many westerners start prebiotics and probiotics. Indians do Ayurveda which is chaas (butter milk) and kitchdi diet. Bone broths is another popular diet which has plenty of gelatin which helps soothe the stomach lining. There are a pleathora of diets out there. There is Keto where one eats majorly protein based foods, there is paleo which has the ultimate snob value as you eat the kind of food which your ancestors ate before they started farming. It means berries, tubers, seasonal veggies and your preferred animal of choice.

## You have also IF (Intermittent Fasting) diet and OMAD (One meal a day diet)

In IF diet you fast for a good 12/14/24/36 hours between meals, OMAD is radical and it means you have only one meal per day usually at the same time before 7pm. As per Dr. Gundry, pre-farming humans only ate once in a while which could be once a day or once in a few days. Our bodies are designed for fasting and not for eating. First time in modern history, more people are dying out of over-eating rather than starvation. (Not sure that is a good or a bad thing). But I certainly don’t intend to die from over-eating.

## What hurts my gut and what is good.

Eating oily stuff hurts really bad, ghee doesn’t hurt me. Chips and spicy stuff is out of question. Cardamon is excellent soothing spice. Sabja, Apple cider vinegar is good to cool your body down too. Fermented pickles works wonder for me. I love them and have them whenever I am eating non-veg food.

# My Diet

I want to eat less, but already I am underweight at 65 kgs. I am planning to have atleast 2 solid meals 6 hours apart. I am also planning to get started on a food journal so as to avoid those ugly episodes. I also don’t want to eat my dinner later than 7pm.

My dietary restrictions have already having bad effects on my social life. A friend asked me to meet for a drink and i had to say, I don’t drink.

# Medicine

The saviour is this case is Triphala, which eases the discomfort.