My Neighbours

My Neighbours

I try my best to maintain my privacy, but some neighbours have left a mark on my mind.

For example –

The house next to me, here the noise begins during weekends; there is this handsome guy who brings in a new girl every weekend. I have no issues with that, after all, young people are supposed to be promiscuous, the only issue is that they somehow like to play loud music ( and sometimes moan and groan loudly) while having sex. A few times I have been woken in the middle of the night. Waking up in the midst of the night, will make anybody mad, I am no exception, so I gathered all my courage and knocked on the neighbours door asking them to turn the volume down low. A tall well-built half naked guy partially opened the door while I was mentally visualising getting beaten up, to my surprise he profusely apologised, promising to lower the music and I went back to sleep.

Then there is an uncle downstairs who always picks up my courier when I am not at home, but I just don’t understand why he is always changing his clothes with the door open and looks at me suggestively when I pass. NO!

But the neighbour who scares me most is this beautiful young girl upstairs, whenever she crosses me up in the stairs she looks at me and I feel she is going to jump on me and kiss me. She always tries to brush past me; It makes me wonder why does she like me? I wonder who she is and why she decks up so much and goes out late in the evening. Is she a bar dancer? She frightens me, because she is so beautiful that I wouldn’t be able to resist her, and that could have potentially dangerous consequences like a relationship. What she did next was freaked me out entirely, One weekend when I was blowing the music loud, I heard the bell ring, I checked from the keyhole, it was her. I panicked, and I didn’t open the door. But with a slowly beating heart, I kept on wondering for the next few days, why she had rung the bell?

This building is admittedly impressive, isn’t it?