My Quirky Exercising Habits

Balance Board Nov 28, 2017

I have decided against joining any kind of Gym or Fitness classes. The things I want to do for fitness is not offered by anybody in Bandra.

I love long baording, it is one of the best fitness exercise for balance and core strength. I also bought a balance board where I can practise at home.


I am big fan of Ido Portal and his ideas. I love to crawl and don’t miss a chance to crawl in any park.He says if you crawl like a ape you will become very strong. Also he suggest that we hang with our hands. Our shoulders don’t get this exercise. So I try to hang, whenever I am in a park.

If I am not able to manage anything. I at least try to do some brisk walking for 15 mins. I also manage a few yoga sessions a week at home. I have a skipping rope, but I haven’t used it much.

I am very unfit, I have no marathon to run. So this is what my time allows for now.


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