My top 5 tools for deep thinking.

One of the greatest form of entertainment, i have discovered recently is “thinking”. But let me admit it, I am not so good at “thinking”. If i was good at “thinking”, I would e having more fun in life, than trying to have fun because I am not having fun .

So let me list the few things I should be doing to sharpen my little piece of brain so I can think better.

1) Reading books helps. Yeah, this is very cliche, but who has the time to read?

2) Meeting people who are more intelligent than you certainly works, but when these intelligent people try to use you, it can be counter productive. The more intelligent people are than you, they try to screw you. Yes, I have a major trust issue, i can never work with people who are more successful or intelligent than me, but i can be good friends with them. 

3) Sitting idle and writing down your ideas and exploring it with your imagination is something i do very rarely, but it works very well. My issue is I hate admitting on paper, that i need to write to think. Don’t we laugh at people, who maintain a “todo” list.

4) being in love with someone or something also helps you to think, you are constantly trying to improvise and adapt to “what  if”

5) A long term goal can make you think deep, but I am very bad with monitoring them. Again, its my escapist attitude, I hate to admit it on paper than I have lost every single mile stone. Smaller achievable goals leads to the bigger one. I feel having a goal is being scheming and manipalitive. But i might be exploring this option as I run out of things to think.

Anyway these are top 5 things I do to think, cause there is no entertainment in life than thinking and its fucking absolutely free!!!