Natural body clock

I decided that to have some order in my physical life, I need to set a routine for myself, I figure it would help me handle the crazy chaos in my mind space. If I knew when to get up, when to brush, when lunch and when to exercise.

So I decided to go about planning a routine for myself. Of-course a great way to start a day is to wake up way early than everyone else and get a head start, so I switch off the lights by 10pm and take a book to bed, but the book turns out to be so interesting that I read till 5am, and  the time I had scheduled to wake up, I go to sleep.

I figure that I have to respect my natural body clock, and not fight against it.  So now this is my routine now.

Sleep anytime between 2.30am-5.30 am

Wake up anytime between 10am- 12pm.

Once I wake up, I’m usually very edgy, this is the time I get calls from telemarketers, and I let off full steam on them.

12pm-2pm do whatever work, I had planned the previous day.(sending emails, asking for a quote, pay bills, call up people)

4 pm is the time, I feel the most centred and peaceful, this is the time I like to meet people.

So usually 2pm -4pm is preparing or travelling to a previously set appointment at 4pm.

Now after the appointment is finished. I like to give some time for exercising, the exercise is all varied some times its cycling for a few hours, muscle building at the gum, walking in the neighbourhood park or even shopping malls.

After the exercise it’s time for food, and again sink in with some TV and a book later.

For a person who has a job or a regular business it not difficult maintaining a routine, it is generally regular business timings, but for a guy like me who is a freelancer/work from home, believe me this is very challenging. I also worry that as soon as I have organised my life, I don’t want something to come in way of my routine.