Never stop caring....

You know one of the days when your past catches up with you, this is one of those day(s). Sometimes, you can love (romantic love) someone and not care, but deeply care for someone else, and thats the beauty about being a human being, you can care for a lot of people, but then I suspect you can only love one person. OR Can you love more than 1 person?? *naughty smile*. I am particularly good at caring for a lot of people. This probably stems from my deep rooted inferiority complex. Someday I will blog about it, Do read the few lines below and see if it makes sense. 

I could never love you, but you never left me

You took all and never looked back!

But did you really leave me? 

I never loved you, but I could never stop caring for you! 

If I had anything more of value to give 

You know I would give it up for you, albeit with a painful smile

But, now will you leave me alone? forever???. 

My subsconcious said you were the one, 

but i could never love you! 

So stop walking over me and leave me alone. 

Ain’t I funny? 

I care so much for the one I never could love, 

and don’t really care much about the one I really could love.

Is this guilt? or maybe I am built to care for you,

and I am proud that I can care for you,

and not so proud that I couldn’t love you!