Newsletter 3

I have not been able to write much. I want to be consistent with this weekly newsletter. So I have marked creating this newsletter as a daily habit. I plan to write at least something everyday so I can be ready at the end of the week with the newsletter. 

I feel there is a complete communication breakdown between me and the world at large. I need to write and put things about myself out there. Its a kind of communication when you are no longer able to communicate all that there is in phone calls , social media or WhatsApp exchanges. 

So lets begin

Last few days I have come across a new revelation about myself. To my utter disbelief, I have discovered, I am very much interested in the life of the under dog. The one who are poor, the one who have no influence. I call this poverty tourism. To explore poverty with an eye of an outside is tourism isn’t it? 

Which better place than India to discover poverty? Many foreigners come to India, looking for poor people. They go to Kolkatta since and their idea about poverty is linked with Mother Teresa. 

I am not travelling anywhere to discover poverty. Instead I bought 2 books which talk about the poor in villages and cities. These books are ‘Maid In India” by Trupti Lahiri and “The feast of Vultures – The hidden Business of Democracy in India” by Jose Joseph. 



“The feast of Vultures – The hidden Business of Democracy in India” by Jose Joseph. Usually I lose interest in a book after reading 20 percent, but I haven’t been able to put this book down. 

For anyone who wants to know what is the real India, this book is where you could start with. How Indian democracy works or rather doesn’t work. The issues of corruption and middle men is deftly handles with some super examples. 

Maid In India by Tripti Lahiri 

This is a story about how your Maids end up in your house. Tripti Lahiri has documented the journey of the maids from rural areas of Assam, West bengal, Bihar into the upper middle class house of Delhi. 


Last Mughal

This is one book I managed to finish. Dalrymple is a fascinating story teller and he has told this story well. It is a fascinating story of last Mughal emperor Zafar in the backdrop on the 1857 sepoy mutiny. 



I wrote a blogpost on Poverty Tourism. It is ironical that Laxmi doesn’t want to go with me on Poverty Tourism. Read my blogpost on poverty tourism here 

If you think you are the new age guy, you have probably fallen for the healthy eating trap. You will be caught saying stuff like “What goes in, comes out” or GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). In Bandra where I live. Salad bars and health food do amazing business. I think if you are into health food fads, you need to read this article on “Clean Foods” 

I have always wondered how restaurants business work. There are so many food places, which start and close. What are the though processes that goes in to making a decision behind a food place. This article featuring Riyaz Amlani is a good way to start your research. 

The secret of trust we build in our college and school days is because of a fundamental reason. The more you interact with a large number of people, the more chances of you having a broader set of friends. As we grow older, our friend circle shrinks, the reason is plain that we just don’t get to interact with lot of people. Read this excellent article on “TRUST” 


Recently I was invited to NM college to give a couple of guest lectures. I spoke about SEO and My Entrepreneurship journey and a bit on what do expect for future. I even created a website for the talk, check it here . 

The only events I seem to attending right now are book launches. I attended 2 last week. One was by a debut author Isha Inamdar and the second was by a seasoned marketing guy called Devasis. Devasis seems to know quite a lot about Bar dancers. Though the book is a fiction he has been researching on bar dancers for last 10 years. The panelists were very interesting too. The Book is called “without prejudice”. 



I have been using Apple Music intermittently. Though its pretty good, I don’t think its great. But then I thought I will give Spotify a spin, only problem was its not available in India. So I got myself a free 14 day VPN trial with Cloak

The interface is very cool, better than apple music. Go take a spin? 

Here are some of favourite music links 

1) Let me down

2) One more cup of Coffee 

3) Flying on the ground