No continuity

What if everyday you woke up to a new love in your life? You know, when you open your eyes, your wife/girlfriend/lover is gone, just disappeared. Poof! 

Would you go crazy or ecstatic, what would life be? Would you be free to begin afresh each day, or would you be back to square one, or would you take off with the other person from where you left it with the previous person in your life?
Can we erase the relationship karma every night and wake up with zero relationship karma. Can we find love each day with a new person?
People in relationships prefer to fall in love with the same person as it was new love every day, they say thats the only way to love and live, find something new in the person you love. 
I think, my life is like the above one, I find a new person to love everyday or the person finds me.
This pattern has to end somewhere, but I am not complaining for the moment.