#Metoo - Of Nudes and Dick Pics

These were the early days of the internet and way before #metoo. I met her on yahoo chat. When I first heard her voice, I felt I had never heard such a beautiful and sexy voice ever! I felt like a desert experiencing rain after several years of drought. She was the woman of my dreams, educated abroad, from an elite family and looked like a model. She, on the other hand, thought I was a “perfectly imperfect” man. In her elite world, there were probably no men like me. We hit off superbly.

Our friendship goes on for years.

One Late night

She messages me “ Are you awake?”

I check the message and my heart skips a beat.

I love speaking to her. We speak for hours into the wee hours of the morning. She speaks to me like I am her secret lover. She tells me all about her past relationships and even her current boyfriend. I am her top confidante. I love her stories about her studies and her relationships, mostly about the chemistry and lovemaking she describes to me. At that time I didn’t know that those stories were probably cooked up. She wanted my attention at any cost, even if she had to cook up the most outrageous story she could. Maybe she was using this strategy with several guys. Event the pictures she sent me was of someone else. Even though all stories were false, the connection was real, I was under her skin and she was under my skin. The false stories just took away the un-aesthetics aspects of daily life out of the way. After all, there was a slim chance we would ever meet.

I reply – Yes, I am awake. Please call…

She calls up –

I ask her what is she doing? She says she is in the bathtub. Our talks go on for hours. She tells me how her Dad and she made the Biryani today. I am riveted with our conversation and our talks go on till the wee hours of the morning. I tell her I am horny, she admits she is too. She tells me what she wants to be done to her, I tell her what I want. We make out.

We end the call.

The post #metoo era

Back then I was young, and my hormones were crazy. I would never do something like this today. I am too old for such stuff. Also, there is a fear of #metoo. What if the girl records or screenshots and selectively decide to share it during the next #metoo wave.

I am not worried about myself, I am too wise and old and know who not to get intimate with. ( Basically no one!). But what about young guys who think the rite of passage is to getting laid as soon as possible with as many girls as possible.

This could prove to be a landmine of these guys. Who will clear the landmine for the young boys?

Story of Utsav Chakroborty

Utsav Chakroborty was one such rather unfortunate guy who was outed by a girl who he was talking for around three years. I don’t blame the girl here also. She got swept off her feet during the wave of anger during the India #metoo movement. She retold the story about her interactions with Utsav and believed she was the victim. Utsav Chakroborty became the most hated man in India, at least on twitter for sure. Utsav was at no fault either. Maybe he misread and his testosterone levels peaked and he did a rather risky thing of sending her image of dick in exchange for what he thought was nude pic.

I feel sad that the trust is lost between young boys and girls. I hope the young boys and girls are not taking screenshots of every slips and misunderstanding now.

If you are blissfully unaware of the #metoo characters below are some references.

References and Citations

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“In this audio clip, Mahima Kukreja and her lawyer/sister Mansi Kukreja can be heard telling Utsav Chakraborty that his life will be destroyed by them if he releases screenshots that would exonerate him from all allegations made by Mahima. He tells them to file a police complaint and go to court so he can come out with his side of the story but they refuse, saying that he cannot release anything without her permission. But didn't SHE release false information about him without HIS permission?”



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