Our Dream Valentine Date

Our Dream Valentine Date

We went on a dream date yesterday. Our date was as boring as I had always imagined.

I dream our life as boring as possible. It includes all our dates also. I know if we keep having many more dream dates, our relationship would end in a matter of weeks if not months. But boring dates, makes the time stand still. I can remember your bored face looking up to me. You were thinking why can’t this guy be a bit creative, right?

Flamboyance jars my senses. Life passes so fast, I want our dates to be as slow as they can be.

Hey, but at least I agreed to watch the Hindi movie for you. You know, how much I hate Bollywood ? That movie was sheer torture. You do BDSM swell. I felt I was tied to my seat in the theatre, and wanted to get out and run away. But you whispered that I should stay. Your disapproving eyes assured me that the ordeal would end soon.

Next Year, Lets just walk the streets for 3 hours instead of a Bollywood movie.