Out of Happiness

Happiness Aug 27, 2010

10.10am I lie on my bed thinking, whats is the thing I need to do to make me happy today.

11.11am I figure, if I focus on my work, I will be happy.

12.12 pm I think planning an elaborate menu for the day would be a good idea and I will be happy.

1.01 pm Catching up with friends and acquaintances will make me happy?

2.22 pm I feel the urge to give back to the society, so I volunteer myself for free work, give money to the needy and sell my goods & services for free.

3.03 pm A nap would refresh me, and I will start again.

5.05 pm I miss the mamma’s boy.

6.24 pm I wanna run and get the impurities of thoughts out of my system.

8.23 pm I see everything has turned Pink

10.10 pm I talk to my only friend.

12.I2 am I ask her for her hand.

As you guys can see, I do every possible thing to make myself happy, but I guess I have just ran out of that commodity or the intangible feeling called HAPPINESS! 


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