Big Idea 1

The time i spend with my laptop nowadays is humongous,i m cursing myself for not using more of the computer to increase my productivity.I have got a very good web presence,google my name and you can reach me in the first page itself(But WTH would google for me).Work pressure is huge,like Manmohan Singh said yesterday at the NDTV “INDIAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS” show “Courage is grace under pressure”. Mukesh Ambani won the businessman of the year award, i just love this guy, when he speaks i get goosebumps and tears in my eye.Strange i know, he is not talking about the tragedy of his life,but i think i get moved by his vision.

I try to keep my kool, and I am so good at it, but i fear may be i am just bottling up inside.Got a call from the fraud and investigations department, it seem my passwords and user id’s of my bank accounts all got uploaded on the blogspehere, some cross linking i had done with the multiply account,it sucked in to my password secure blog and uploaded my accounts,for once i was grateful to God for not having accounts flushed with money!Ok i have just revealed to the entire world that I am more of a “fool” than a “Fraudster”Here is my list of the safest banks if you are thinking of opening a new account and are going to use the internet for transcations. The safest is 1) HSBC 2)ICICI and the most unsafe is HDFC.

I got blabbering,let me come back to the title of the post,the other day i was whining that I don’t get big ideas, about a few days back i got the biggest idea, and i said WTF I couldn’t think of it before. The idea is bigger than the “nano”. Actually Nano is mighty small for this kind of idea, now i just have to focus in.

Can anyone guess what this big idea is, no its not that “Salsa blog” that I have started, thats just for fun.

Ok here are some hints.

  • Bush started a war for it.

  • Al gore made a movie on it.

  • It’s in the Title of the blog.

  • You can do it at your home.


Okay i got about 5 readers to this blog, and i think they are smart enough to guess it by now.:-).

Will talk about this BIG IDEA in detail, till it get crystallized in my brain, might take a couple of years or decades though,depends on how creative/productive I can be.

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Random thots

If you talk the talk, I will walk the walk! Should give and
take be part of love, if the question of give and take comes up, isn’t it more
about fulfilling ones needs, and less about love!!!!

It been 8 years or more, Stats says 90% new businesses fail within the first two
years, and 65% fail with the next five years, I have crossed both the
threshold, but still the probability of failing is haunting!

Need a big idea, but I realize whatever biz plans i draw
doesn’t seem big at all, even if I get an big idea,” the probability of getting funded(VC) is even lower than
getting struck by a bolt of lightning at the bottom of the pool
,So for a while, bootstrapping
is the way to go!!!

And at the end of the day you know its all a game, “After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same
 And I m Ambani, Mittal and also the farmer
from vidharbha.

”” Unknown.

“ELECRAMA 2008” are you attending?

Anyone attending ELECRAMA? 2008 ??? ” It is the largest exhibition of power, electrical, industrial electronics & allied products  in eastern part of the World”

I hate these industrial exhibitions, they are too big and i don’t know what i should be exactly targeting, but nevertheless I go through the displays looking for some inspiration, which i have never got till date.I’m a manufacturer more of a job worker to know more about what i do click here, all these exhibitions are there to attract dealers and buyers, not a place for me,but still worth a visit,wotsay?

Wondering if any reader/friend here is going to attend,email me if you would like to hang out @ the ELECRAMA, also any tips on what to look out for would be appreciated:-).

Please add this event to your calender

Making white sauce in a micro

Hey one of my friend Nandita who runs a very popular blog, told me how to make white sauce in a micro,here is how it goes

  • just melt butter first,
    for 30 seconds
  • then add 2 tbsp of
    maida, micro for 1 min, then one more.
  • then add 1 cup milk,
    micro for 3 minutes.
  • whip well with fork, add
    1/2 cup more milk and micro again.
  • whip , salt, pepper and

Thats it done! 
add this to pasta veggie
anything…..nice.I haven’t tried it to make in a micro though,but sounds fun and simple.Haven’t been cooking lately:-(!!!

Strawberry and Dahi

Adding picuteres is a sure way to improve the blog,yeah cooking is a new found passion,im still learning the subtle nuances,here is a simple snack, doesnt seem calorie concious though.
I love strawberies, but cant have it standalone, i prefer Dahi instead of cream and icecream. Just add Dahi to the strawberries make sure the dahi is not sour, add a bit honey if you love honey,i love this snack, dahi as a base for salads is a very good idea,please do suggest more improvements:-).

Mushroom in white sauce

I like simple food, what i mean is i like all the flavors and ingredients to balance itself, not a single taste should be overpowering, I want spinach to taste like spinach, i prefer the veggies slightly undercooked,and very less oil/butter.

Here a simple recipe, inspired by karen Anand somewhat.


Shredded boiled or microwaved chicken
Black Pepper powder
Chopped Garlic

Cut your mushroom, however you like, dont forget to wipe and clean the mushrooms.Take some butter in the pan,saute chopped garlic till brown,add mushrooms and saute,till all the water evaporates,add spinach and shredded chicken.Take some milk and add into the pan till it boils, sprinle some black pepper generously,add some cheese, saute till it becomes think, add some white flour(maida) if it very liquid.Season with salt.
Put in on a toast and enjoy. call it white sauce or cheesy sauce,mix and match the ingredients as you like it.

New web address and email

Have got a new domain name for this blog it is, also some new email addresses please reach me at or

It probably sounds narcissistic to get your own name domain name but I’m advised its a wise thing to do:-), if any on of you need to register your domain name, you can use godaddy .

Also the blogging bug has hit me big time, have started some 6 blogs, but most of it is private to track the chaos in my life:-).

I Love Money & Money Loves Me…….

Write Yourself An Abundance Check on the  New
the New Moons are given in the calendar

Abundance Checks –
they are free and they really work!

Abundance checks are
a tool we can use to create more abundance in our lives. They are written within 24 hours after a
. Surprisingly, you really don’t even
need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will however be
amazed at the results, as you will see increased abundance in your life, in some
life area. It is not always financial, but certainly in an area that you need.
There is a traditional manner, which has been handed down, that must be
followed. If you do not have a checking account you can draw a check on a piece
of paper and fill it out the same way—the results will be the same, more
abundance for you. Here’s how to do them:

Within 24 hours after a New Moon, take a check from your check
book. Where it says “Pay to,” write your name. In the little box on the same
line where you would fill in a dollar amount write “Paid in full.” On the line
underneath your name, where you would write out a dollar amount, write “Paid in
full.” Sign the check : “The Law of Abundance.”

Do not put a date on the check. Do not write a specific dollar
amount in the check. Put it in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe
will take it from there. Many people are skeptical about trying this until they
do it. After the first time they realize the power of these checks and do them
routinely every month! Try it yourself and see!
Write it down in your agenda
– share it with your friends!  Then let it go!
Merry X’Mas  & An Oppulent & Abundant New

Universal time(GMT midnight)   00:00 Hrs +
= IST.  for e.g.

8th Jan 2008, time is 11hrs 37 mins….11:37(GMT)
+ 5:30 = 17:07 IST (indian standard time) …..have


2008 Phases of the Moon

Universal Time

      NEW MOON   FIRST QUARTER        FULL MOON     LAST QUARTER       d  h  m         d  h  m          d  h  m          d  h  m       JAN.   8 11 37   JAN. 15 19 46   JAN.  22 13 35   JAN.  30  5 03FEB.   7  3 44   FEB. 14  3 33   FEB.  21  3 30   FEB.  29  2 18MAR.   7 17 14   MAR. 14 10 46   MAR.  21 18 40   MAR.  29 21 47APR.   6  3 55   APR. 12 18 32   APR.  20 10 25   APR.  28 14 12MAY    5 12 18   MAY  12  3 47   MAY   20  2 11   MAY   28  2 57JUNE   3 19 23   JUNE 10 15 04   JUNE  18 17 30   JUNE  26 12 10JULY   3  2 19   JULY 10  4 35   JULY  18  7 59   JULY  25 18 42AUG.   1 10 13   AUG.  8 20 20   AUG.  16 21 16   AUG.  23 23 50AUG.  30 19 58   SEPT. 7 14 04   SEPT. 15  9 13   SEPT. 22  5 04  SEPT. 29  8 12   OCT.  7  9 04   OCT.  14 20 02   OCT.  21 11 55OCT.  28 23 14   NOV.  6  4 03   NOV.  13  6 17   NOV.  19 21 31NOV.  27 16 55   DEC.  5 21 26   DEC.  12 16 37   DEC.  19 10 29DEC.  27 12 22