POT BELLY and Unconditional Love

The V- shaped body is a very western concept, the wash-board flat
stomach is a propaganda of western obsession with beauty being
external. I am 38, and single, so I have to constantly take efforts to look
young, and that means having a head full of hair and a flat stomach,
as I become acutely aware that the women I will be coming across are
getting younger and younger as I am growing older and older.

At times like this, I wish I had someone who would say “I love you
unconditionally” . At times like these i want to tell the woman I love ” let’s get fat together”

At times like this I wish I gave up looking out for love and
companionship and just eat myself out of aloneness. Yes I am also sold out on the western concept of external beauty and
it makes me immensely sad, that I can’t see beauty in other forms.

Maybe the only way to figure this out is to get into these other
forms, which i suppose would be a painful metamorphis.