Pre-industrial Vs modern woman (in terms of menstrual cycles)

Some interesting fact from Malcom Gladwell book ” what the dog saw”

Pre- industrial woman had about 100 menstrual cycles considered to
todays modern woman who has about 400 menstrual cycles in her productive

Strassmann “The basic pattern of late menarche, many pregnancies, and
long menstrual-free stretches caused by intensive breast-feeding was
virtually universal, it’s a pity that gynecologist think that women
have to menstruate every month, they don’t understand the real biology
of the women” “In other words, what we think of as a normal- frequent menses- is in
evolutionary terms abnormal.”

Pike ” But the modern way of living represent an extraordinary change
in female biology, and some of the risk of women getting educated and
not getting pregnant all the time are breast cancer and ovarian
cancer, and we need to deal with it”