Press Release of my upcoming Facebook movie "Hot In Pants"

“Hot in Pants” is a upcomig movie directed by Kumar Manoj, it is going to released on Facebook during Diwali Season along with a Hindi version called “Garam Chaddi” on Orkut. The  love story unfolds over 3 social networks, and 2 continents. 

The Protagonist is played by (Orkutiya in denial) Dheelush Dev  who is chided on twitter as a “Orkutiya” by the female lead “the Brazilains hottie (Orkutiya in denial) Maria”.  The hero spends a lot of time on Facebook browsing and fornicating on pictures of beautiful women. He has his first brush with the truth when Maria calls him a “Orkutiya” on twitter. They have a verbal duel and the hero is snubbed “in pants” by our sultry actress (who incidently has hired a orkutiya social media agency to write her blog). 

The verbal duel leads to email exchanges and finally Dheelush manages in befriending her on Facebook (under a Pseudo profile). After checking out her gorgeous pictures, Dheelush rage is slowly transformed into “love in pants”, but the heroine still hates him. Finally after searching and stalking maria online for excruciating hours, Dheelush discovers Maria’s orkut profile and that both of them share a common sun sign including lot of common friends (whom they have conveniently not added on facebook).

So the story begins on twitter , holds on to facebook and then finally they both fall in love on Orkut. The story will be half shot in a cyber cafe in mumbai and another half will be shot in a cyber cafe in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Below is a shot interview with the director.

Interviewer: Sir, why have you chosen India and Brazil as the two country where this love story unfolds?

MK: Well, India and Brazil are the two countries where there are maximum number of Orkutiya’s. I feel members of Orkut will relate to this story as many of them have experienced the same.

Interviewer : Sir, you are trying to show facebook and twitter in bad light, is that true?

MK: Yes, this movie will also help Google’s Orkut regain its number 1 position in India, and help retain its number 1 position in Brazil (as there is a fear that FB will soon reach a tipping point in Brazil) as hordes of facebook members will reverse migrate from FB to Orkut in search of love. Besides the movie is going to sponsored by Google and the Brazilian Tourism Ministry.

Interviewer: Is this story inspired from real life?

MK: Yes, the story is inpired from real life, and I sincerely think we Indians should stick to Orkut because it is more efficient social network for finding love and lust online. HAPPY FRANDSHEEP DAY