Pride Kills (Literally)

If someone ever commits suicide, the right question to ask is not “Why did she/he commit suicide?” but to ask what hurt his/her pride?

The Maharashtrian Pride (popularly known as “Marathi Gaurav” ) is hurt by the fact that Maharashtrians are not really doing good in Mumbai as compared to other communities. There are only 2 ways to make money

  1. To use your intellect.(Education and lawful behavior)
  2. To use your might. ( Brute force or illegally)

If there was no boom in IT, where would the Maharashtrian stand? The flim industry is dominated by Punjabis, the media is dominated by bengali’s, the railways are dominated by the UP’ ites and Bihari’s.

As long as people continue to make money by use of their “Might”, (and I dont see that coming to an abrupt halt) its very fine for Mahrastrians to use brute force. I dont advocate it, but I can see the Marathi pride being hurt. I would claim I am more human.

The Lovers Pride is hurt everytime you are lied at or cheated or taken for granted. Remember love never hurts, only the Pride is hurt. 

The Commuters Pride: Everytime I am stuck in traffic , my pride hurts, by the sheer complacent attititude of the government. My Pride is severely hurt when I have squeeze myself in a crowded train or a bus. 

So Pride is what distinguishes you from others in terms of your sensibilites. There are some people who can live in slums and somepeople can never imagine of such a thing.

Pride is not greater than Love, however its a bench mark, which can be lowered or Upped. I am wondering where I am going.