Projection Vs Imagination

The word Maya in sanskrit means to measure. You can only measure something which has a centre a fixed point. 

When i mean Projection, i mean the mental projections we all do, like calculate the pleasure we are going to derive, after we upgrade our current phone or the pleasure we derive in thinking about the supposed vacation we can have after we save X amount of money every day. 

I think Projection is a great calibration tool, to measure or justify our actions in the now to achieve the desired effect in near or far future. A mental projection has a point or a basis from which it arrives. Its thinking about the probable realistic scenarios. 

Meanwhile Imagination doesn’t have a centre, its akin to day dreaming. You can imagine defying gravity, you can imagine you are a super hero. You can imagine in 10 years time you will have a private jet and would be worth 10bn $ . 

As we grow older, we imagine less and project more , i imagined great things about myself in the future as a kid. But the very definition of great things has changed in the future, I have achieved greater things but not what I had imagined. What i have achieved or life has given me is beyond my wildest imagination. 

Does this mean we can only imagine, based only on the information we have? we see a superhero movie or a martial art movie and imagine ourselves as the hero.

So iam beginning to think, Imagination is a useless tool while projection is a more pragmatic and useful tool to access your needs and desires.