Quantum Leap of consciousness.

Quantum Leap of consciousness.


Since you guys follow me, you must all be very well how quantum physics or quantum mechanics works. Well, actually no one in the world knows how it works, so lets not kid ourselves.

Quantum mechanics is the study of electrons (or something like that) where the electrons exhibits un-predictable behaviour while moving around its orbits. It basically jumps randomly and its like, now its here in africa for a moment and the next moment its in antartica. (You get the drift?) . Hence the electrons has infinite probabilities of choosing a orbit or a path. So some modern new age philosophers now say that science can support and explain some supernatural or mystical behaviour. Anyway lets cut the jargon.

In a practical sense for a human being , if right now you have “X’ number of problems. and if in the next moment its been completely replaced by “Y” number of problems. How would you feel? Yes, thats is possible, you create your own destiny, you choose what you are.

Now the tricky part is choosing, the choosing “for a 3 bedroom house” has to happen in a non-ego state, then only the quantum law applies. ( I would highly recommend the movie “The Quantum Activist ” to understand all this in depth).

Ofcourse the catch is to reach the non-ego state? how does it happen? Be aware?