Rajma Chawal

Holi D

ay i thought since my maid is on chutti, i would try to make something myself, i have been planning to make Rajma, since a long time, and got a recipe from my true blue punju friend.Cooking is so therapeutic, smelling the aroma of onions cooking, the spices and finally the food, can really thrill you senses and your being.So Happy Holi.

I have used Rajma masala instead of Garam masala, i didn’t have any amchur powder

or soda bi carb,so i missed it.I did one big goof up, because of the over emphasis to put more water i put so much that it was very watery, so my cooking time went to 1.5 hours, anyway i was in no rush today.I like to make my rice in a electric rice cooker, very convenient!

Conclusion: Well one of the yummiest meals, but was perspiringly HOT, i think i put too much Kashmiri Mirchi and green chilles.But Cucumber and puran poli came to rescue.

Recipe for Rajma :-

Ingredients :               Serves :2 – 3

250-300 gms Rajma ( kashmiri , soaked overnight and cleaned well )

1 cup chopped onions.

tomato puree ( frm 7-8 med sized tomato)( grind blanched tomatoes in a mixer for the puree)


ready tomato puree available 1 packet

green chilies, red mirchi powder ( kashmiri preferably for colour)

soda bi carb / eno powder (pinch)


bay leaf

cloves ( 3-4)

crushed garlic , ginger

salt to taste

aamchur powder

garam masala

Ghee ( avoid oil )

Method :



In a cooker , put the required quantity of ghee ( be more generous than usual) . Fry onions till transparent , also add all the ingredients other than the tomato puree and

mix till onions become slightly brown. Now add the puree and mix till the mixture is homogeneous. Add the soaked Rajma , with the same water in which it was soaked . Add a pinch of soda bi carb to soften or eno powder . Now add extra water and salt to taste. The consistency could look watery but do not add less water as rajma has the tendency to absorb water.

Pressure cook(about 4/5 whisles) and then keep it for 45 mins on low . Once done , check if it is soft enough. Then remove a half cup of cooked rajma , mash it thoroughly and add it back to the rest of the rajma. This will thicken the consistency and give it one boil without the lid . Garnish with corriander …And it eat steaming HOT with rice .