Random Acts of kindness - De-escalate a traffic gridlock.

Everything was going OK. But I had that feeling in my gut. Deep depression, about not being happy at all. I was wondering if I will ever be happy again.

One of my solutions is to go near the sea when I am unhappy. The sea with its vast darkness sucks your depression. Maybe it is the fresh oxygen rich air in this polluted city which does the trick.

On my walk to the promenade. I saw this huge jam. Big cars stuck on a one way road dug up by BMC for some pre-monsoon repairs. At first I thought as usual I would walk away. Traffic is a regular issue in mumbai. But then I turned and helped one of the driver to steer over a pothole. I bent up and cleared some big stones over the next car which was stuck. More people joined in. People who were better at traffic management. I thought I was no longer useful and walked away.

In that 10 minutes, I realised my depression was gone. I am elated. I had helped random fat-ass car owners. I know how awful it feels to be stuck in traffic. I had contributed my bit to help them reach home or wherever a bit early.

What if i could serendipitously discover everyday one place where I can be of help. I went looking for one today. It was not my day. But I will keep looking for such opportunities.