Random thots

If you talk the talk, I will walk the walk! Should give and
take be part of love, if the question of give and take comes up, isn’t it more
about fulfilling ones needs, and less about love!!!!

It been 8 years or more, Stats says 90% new businesses fail within the first two
years, and 65% fail with the next five years, I have crossed both the
threshold, but still the probability of failing is haunting!

Need a big idea, but I realize whatever biz plans i draw
doesn’t seem big at all, even if I get an big idea,” the probability of getting funded(VC) is even lower than
getting struck by a bolt of lightning at the bottom of the pool
,So for a while, bootstrapping
is the way to go!!!

And at the end of the day you know its all a game, “After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same
 And I m Ambani, Mittal and also the farmer
from vidharbha.

”” Unknown.